'And I Need Sunny Days' by Daniel Danger 

'And I Need Sunny Days' by Daniel Danger 

"Art, for the moment, is our favourite child and we sprinkle money on it as if we were watering a wilting plant, expecting it to fruit and multiply."

Sam Mahon 

"We cut down through the secret plantation path, variegated with cool shadows and warm pools of milky sun. We pause, breath held, the air thick-scented and motionless between the shouldering trees. Everything is magnified as in the middle of night. The small breeze rasping in the tops, a cone cracking open like a rifle shot, the heart’s beating. The feral breath of air coming up from the sun-baked river boulders below."

Sam Mahon in ‘The Year of the Horse’ (via thestreetsarefilledwithforests).

I want to swim in a river.

"hardening up is not what you need to do”

Excerpts from a 2009 Interview with Pat Flynn from Have Heart

On Straight Edge: 

it had such a good ring to it, it seemed really sharp and rebellious, but at the same time, it seemed like it wasn’t going to damage me and that, to me, was like the biggest ‘fuck you’, because it keeps you smart and on top of everything, you’re also not mixing in with the majority of the world that I don’t like. It looked really cool. At the end of the day, when I was young, straight edge was so cool.

On Feminism: 

F: Do you think more bands should be more responsible and try to promote and build a better hardcore community between men and women, like what Have Heart has tried to do?

P: Yeah, I think so, it should be a subject that should be addressed, but I’m not ‘Mr P.C.’ and I’m not a feminist by any means, but I do believe in equality and respect. I say I’m not a feminist not because I mean it like, “Eurgh, I’m not a feminist!” I adhere to the true definition of feminism, like Elizabeth Cady standards, a real fucking feminist, not like this bullshit-shitty-modern-Destiny’s-Child-girl-power thing. … but then again, who am I to say what feminism is? I’m a guy! Nah, I have every right to comment on what I think feminism is, …

On Landscape and weather: 

I grew up in Arizona, which is the land of the most beautiful sunsets and my memory of Arizona is just pink, because I have all these pictures of when I was a kid and they’re all pink because the sun is setting on all of them and, really, that’s my memory of it. I remember I had this backyard and there were mountains in the back, and I’d just be a little kid playing in his backyard and I’d see the sun setting on all these epic mountains, and I think it just really spilled into metaphorical things, like things that have purpose and whatnot, and became the foundation and core of me.

New England is one of the most turbulent, crazy places to live in terms of weather, the seasons are so rich. … it’s so emotional to live there, in my opinion, because you have a beautiful, green, vibrant summer, the weather goes from incredibly fucking hot, then there’s like a cooling time in September and the beginning of October, and then between the middle and end of October, everything just illuminates on fire, every fucking tree is like yellow or red, it’s just so dramatic, and you get that for like two-and-a-half weeks, and then you blink your eyes and it’s gone, all the trees are fucking dead!


Dappled sunlighton a deskAn imposter in an institutional space

A window; a disjuncture

Trees dance and their singing brings me to my knees

I’m not stuck here but i can’t go back and

The more things changeThe more i miss the way they used to be

Dappled sunlight
on a desk
An imposter in an institutional space

A window; a disjuncture

Trees dance and 
their singing brings me to my knees

I’m not stuck here but i can’t go back and

The more things change
The more i miss the way they used to be

I’ve never been to Missouri but this is my favourite jersey because to pull it on feels like home.

I’ve never been to Missouri but this is my favourite jersey because to pull it on feels like home.

A d.i.y. video of a monster truck stadium show seems to me a perfect visual accompaniment to this kind of ambient r&b. Especially later when the trucks really get fucked up and the camera pans upward to the hovering stadium lights and shit falling from the sky. The intimacy of the words and the sparseness of the music might seem at odds with the scale and excess of the event, but in the same way that sentimentality and brutality often coincide, i think it makes perfect sense. It’s so American and it’s so The Internet. 

Road Poem #1

Dashboard dust
Seatbelt slumber
Suffering stiff limbs kilometer by kilometer
A landscape flickers beyond the windscreen
Pine trees and grape vines
become zoetropes
rendering a world of blurred lines
A spinning projection
and us at the centre

The one in the drivers seat
Silent Pilot
Arm outstretched to the steering wheel
Always eyes on the parallel white lines that spool into us
Want some chips?
Can we listen to Cocteau Twins next?
Where do I look to see my life reflected?

Late afternoon sun puts my transparent face on the window,
overlaid on passing grass and trees.
Tussock for mouth, marble-white mountains for eyes
Blue sky forehead.
As if i’m one with the world we speed through
As if it breathes inside me
When in fact I am crawling over it
This car is a cage

Make my memories speak
Draw out of the shadows the dreams of my secrets,
my desires:
to cry like a child
and be comforted
I just want
to be picked up and put on your shoulders
I just want
warmth of skin through soft cotton

In separate seats
Our trajectory is the same but we will never see each other
Wake me when we’re home

still alive

Tapping out, limbs tired and tummy full. 

Tapping out, limbs tired and tummy full. 

"FP To those who may be attempting to build a new entity for artists who share ideas and resources in a similar D.I.Y. fashion to yours, what advice do you have?

SE We think the most important thing is just to have confidence. You can do it. Stay low to the ground; like-minded people will find you. Keep going and persevere even when you fuck up. Learn from your mistakes. Be flexible. Listen—be open enough to take in new ideas and hear other points of view. Share ideas and resources. Take action when opportunities present themselves."

BOMBLOG interview with Steven Englander

(Source: bombsite.com)

"As i walked down toward Newcastle, the sun hammered me. I held my face up, said,
‘Roast me, yah bastard’"

The Guards by Ken Bruen